We use the actual experience of the end user as the lens that enables our customers to focus their resources on achieving consistent quality and improving business performance.

Our cloud service affords a completely different perspective to that typically applied to digital quality, it provides the digital Voice of the Customer. By experiencing digital quality through the journey of the customer and replicating that actual experience, we can see everything that impacts the experience quality across the entire journey, whether inside or outside a business’s control, from point of provision to point of use.

We help companies deliver a better digital quality of experience for everyone by enabling them to see it, measure it and analyse it, and, therefore, continuously improve and control it. Our data enables the business to learn from its behaviour in near real-time and take action to improve quality consistency to achieve business targets and deliver on brand promise.

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How you can improve business performance with digital experience quality.

Nancee Ruzicka explores how as businesses increasingly use digital technologies and services to support critical business processes, the ability to understand the quality of the user experience becomes even more important.
David F. Carr on why although digital experience isn’t the whole story of a business, it is becoming an increasingly important focus of not only technologists, but CEOs of organisations.
Alun Lewis on bringing insight to technology investments - and returns - in an increasingly virtualised world
Peter Dykes looks at the role of digital experience quality in delivering next-gen customer experience
Craig Borowski, customer experience software expert with Softwareadvice.com, answers questions on customer experience and digital experience quality.
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Variability, the enemy of digital experience quality.

What do spaceships, puppies, gar-pol sludge and time travelling thunderbolts have to do with digital experience quality?

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Actual Work analyses digital experience quality.

Actual Work, our analytics as a service, uses patented algorithms and Digital User measurement software to exercise your digital supply chains and deliver the digital Voice of the Customer.

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