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Build a sustainable work-from-anywhere digital ecosystem for your people, ready for the new ways of working in the post-pandemic world


We provide Human Experience data for HR and IT leaders to build a hybrid workplace that works for everyone, everywhere, all the time

Human Experience (HX) describes the impact our digital interactions with a company, product or service have on us as people; how we’re left feeling or what we lose due to the digital workplace slowing us down.

When we understand HX across the workforce, we not only identify those individuals who need immediate support to prevent burnout, undue stress and employee turnover, but also the significant payroll and
revenue consequences arising from these poor experiences cumulatively across the business.

Gaining this deep visibility of both the impact and causes of substandard HX is the key to building a sustainable work-from-anywhere ecosystem that meets the rising demands of the new ways of working.

Analytics for hybrid working

Discover how we untangle the complexity of the digital workplace to support employees at risk of burnout, undue stress and reduce employee turnover.

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Analytics FOR IT

Operational analytics

Take an experienced based approach to your service level agreements with our XSLAs and experience performance initiatives (XPIs)

Are you hybrid ready?

Our research has revealed that over two thirds of business leaders are concerned about digital inequality in the future hybrid working model. And less than one in five believe they're effective in understanding the needs of their employees.

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Why Human Experience

We make the digital world work properly through the lens of experience


Our Science

Human experience is a fundamentally unique capability of our analytics. Learn about the complexity behind our services

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Our responsibilities

Improving the human experience in the real world, as well as the digital one.

Case studies

Some of our happy customers

Osborne Clarke: Adapting to change with clarity and focus

Actual Experience Business Impact Assessment for Osborne Clarke. Helping to identify remote working employees in need of additional technology support.

Removing digital inequalities from the remote workforce

How Digital Business Analytics identified and removed digital inequalities from the remote workforce


Finding the cause of poor human experience where no-one thought to look

Charles Stanley

Charles Stanely case study

Odgers Berndtson

Odgers Berndtson case study


What our customers are saying


"The Business Impact Assessment was really useful in helping me understand the parts of the business we need to continue to support to improve their digital experience. This is obviously of increased importance to us as a consequence of Covid and also supports our continued focus and commitment to wellbeing in this hybrid working environment."

Ray Berg
Managing Partner - Osborne Clarke

"The most important thing for us, and what made Actual Experience extremely valuable, was being able to pinpoint the Human Experience issue in the digital eco-system, and say that's where your problem is - now go away and fix it."

Michael Bennett
Chief Operating Officer, Charles Stanley

"Actual let us be sure that, whenever an office or market went live, we knew the experience we would be getting and there was no risk to operation or brand."

Malcolm Simms
CTO Condé Nast International

"I am not guessing. I know where to focus resources to get things right first time. That’s invaluable."

Adam Gibson
CIO at Odgers Berndtson