Coverage from Money Week on-line following an interview with Dave Page and David Thornton earlier this week. David describes Actual Experience as the “navy seals of the IT world” and concludes his piece with:

The company is currently valued at £57m – a figure which reflects the promise of the technology rather than the current sales base. It’s early days, with revenue just under half a million for the last accounting period, but there are some blue­chip names among ACT’s 50 customers. The appearance of regulators Ofcom and tech companies like Cisco, Fujitsu and Verizon suggest this is a sophisticated product, while business users include Barclays, Maersk and ITV. IP Group, a technology transfer company with a number of university spin­outs in its portfolio, is the largest investor.

Actual Experience has good quality customers and plenty of room to grow in a large enterprise market. Digital supply chains are crucial to the way we live today, and Actual Experience’s skill is in fine tuning them to give their best possible performance. That’s why I believe this company is worth keeping a close eye on.

He also distributed the piece via his weekly email, Penny Sleuth, last night.

You can read the full article here.