Ofcom Leverages Company’s Analysis Platform To Accurately Measure Digital Quality

Actual Experience plc, the analytics-as-a-service company and market leader in analysing digital quality, announces that it has been selected by the Office of Communications (“Ofcom”) to help define and assess digital quality across the United Kingdom. This agreement continues the work highlighted in the recent release of the triennial Infrastructure Report by Ofcom, which is the communications regulator in the United Kingdom responsible for broadcasting, telecommunications and postal services.

“The Ofcom agreement continues to cast light on a critical, but neglected issue, the quality of digital products and services.” said Dave Page, CEO of Actual Experience. “The global digital economy is larger than all but the top 10 national economies and growing faster than all of them. Ofcom’s interest in analysing and understanding quality in the digital world, and its real world impact on citizens and business across Britain, is a testament to the importance of digital to consumers, businesses and national governments everywhere.”

Actual Experience has received global recognition for bringing the discussion of digital supply chain management to market. The Company’s solutions are deployed in Fortune 500 businesses to identify misbehaviour within digital supply chains and optimise digital business quality through advanced analytics.

“As the December 2014 Infrastructure Report from Ofcom revealed, investment into just speed of connection ignores the vast majority of problems impacting the quality of digital products and digital services,” continued Dave Page, “The results of our service should continue to identify those components of the national digital supply chains which would benefit most from an industry focus on improvement.”

About Actual Experience

Actual Experience is the market leader in advanced analytics for managing digital business quality. Its analytics service enables the discipline of digital supply chain management, providing business leaders with a methodology for measuring and managing the quality of digital products and services. As in the world of physical products and services, our customers are now able to measure quality of any digital product or service – internal and external, automatically and continuously, and across time – and incorporate quality management into all functions of the digital business. Our customers manage digital quality from the only perspective that really matters – customers, members, subscribers, employees, contractors, partners and suppliers. To learn more about the company, visit www.actual-experience.com.

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