Actual Experience has today published research with Ofcom that sets a benchmark for digital experience quality. The research shows that low digital experience quality is potentially damaging business.

We’ve introduced the digital Voice of the Customer (dVoC) scale. The rating shows the point at which digital experience quality becomes so poor that the customer will have an unsatisfactory experience using an online service or product. It should be the benchmark that all digital providers achieve.

Poor digital experience quality is costing businesses money. Our research shows that the digital experience is particularly poor and unreliable for services that are key for businesses such as video-conferencing, cloud services and VPN.

The analysis we offer allows companies to experience their digital products and services as their customers do and to objectively measure that performance. This will help businesses address the issues that are affecting digital experience quality and give their customers and employees the best experience possible.

The report also highlights the differences in digital experience quality between rural and urban broadband and the different factors limiting that quality. While for rural areas, the absolute speed of broadband is an issue, for the vast majority of urban broadband consumers quality is being hampered by other factors.

We believe understanding and measuring digital experience quality is the first step to making digital products and services work better. Download the report here.