Actual Home helps people measure, understand and improve their digital experience quality.

Actual Home gives you a free, continuous analysis of digital experience quality in your home. Its dashboard will give you a detailed picture of how good and consistent your digital experience is, now and over time.

Actual Home will help you understand why video calls and streaming services buffer or fail, why websites crash or take forever to load. And what you can do to tackle those digital frustrations.

Actual Home never captures any of your personal information or any data regarding your internet usage or the services you access.

No tracking

Never captures any of your personal data and never tracks your internet usage.

Continuous and real-time

Provides continuous and real-time analysis of your broadband quality.

Light weight

Works in the background without affecting the performance of your computer.

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No tracking
Easy to use

We believe continuous improvement of digital experience quality makes the world work better.

Actual Experience uses the data collected through Actual Home to help Government, regulators, companies and Internet Service Providers to improve the digital experience of citizens and consumers. We provide them with the analysis and insights that help them make the right investments so they can deliver a better and more consistent digital experience.

We charge businesses for access to Actual Home analytics. Actual Home never tracks any personal data or internet usage so your privacy is protected.

Actual Experience provides a DU Configuration Tool (DUCT) to assist users with installing Digital Users in environments where proxies are used. Please click here to access the DUCT.