Key features

Actual Experience analyses every infrastructure and application element in a digital supply chain. The digital experience quality analytics tell you what an end user would say about a digital product or service and why. It also identifies and analyses any causes of impairment. It is now possible to understand exactly how customers, employees and partners experience the delivery of digital products and services every time they interact with them. A business can now deliver those products and services to a consistently high quality that drives value and brand. The analytics as a service requires zero integration.

Actual Experience delivers the digital experience score and analyses where and how any impairment is being caused.

Digital experience score

The digital experience quality score is an outside-in, real-time, data-driven view of what users would say about the quality of your digital products.

End user perspective

Supply chain analysis

Our technology analyses everything that impacts the experience quality across any digital supply chain, from point of provision to point of use.

End to end
Owned and 3rd party
Full quality history

Business benefits

Improve customer experience

Actual Experience allows you to monitor and manage the digital experience quality of every digital customer-facing property from websites to products to portals. Achieving a consistent digital experience quality ensures that every investment in digital design delivers more loyalty and revenue.

Enhance productivity

Use the analytics to enhance productivity by improving the quality of every business critical service that employees rely on to deliver success. Whether it is owned or managed services, commissioned by IT or not, you will be able to monitor and manage digital experience quality and uphold SLAs.

Ensure ROI of digital investments

Actual Experience allows you to test and benchmark the digital experience quality of every product and service to ensure that every investment in digital delivers improvements to the business. You can ensure that any new product or service will work better for every user, in every location, every time.

Demonstrate value

Present an agnostic, data-driven score of the digital experience quality of digital products and services. A new board-level KPI that IT can use to demonstrate the value of digital to the whole business. Actual Experience creates a new currency for IT departments to match Profit and Loss and Net Promoter Scores.

The companies that are failing to deliver quality are losing customers and money. Find out what the digital leaders are doing to beat the competition.

Our Actual Quality initiative reveals the impact of the variability in digital experience delivered by digital properties and explains how Actual can analyse the entire digital supply chain.

Nancee Ruzicka explores the increase in business critical, digital service and the importance of being able to understand the quality of the user experience.

CIO, Adam Gibson, has changed the reputation and culture of the IT Department by using Actual Experience to get ahead of demand from internal customers.

UK investment management company uses Actual to resolve long-running issues with business critical services that were damaging its customer service and brand.

Tony Bentham, Director of Technology and Change, on how Actual Experience helped solve issues with central bookings technology.

Unlimited Digital User

Digital Users (DUs) are lightweight software, deployed as close to the point of use as possible to represent user types for digital services. They receive instructions, make standard measurements to invoke different components of a digital service architecture, and send the results to the Analytics Cloud for processing. DUs are free and unlimited.

Analytics Cloud

Our Analytics Cloud is based on decades of academic research and patented technology. It receives data from the Digital Users to provide an objective score of digital experience quality. The analytics show how well a digital product or service is working right now and across time and why services are behaving that way.

Your Dashboard

Actual delivers the real-time analysis to your dashboard on desktops, laptops, smartphones and tablets. The data is clearly and intuitively presented at the level required to meet your responsibilities. The dashboard provides high level scores, full quality history and supplier behaviour, with all the detail from the supporting rich data.

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