Publication of Verizon and Boston Consulting Group White Paper

By Actual Experience - June 18, 2020

Actual Experience is pleased to announce that it has been cited in a white paper published by Verizon and Boston Consulting Group.

Enabling efficient and effective remote working has become a key focus for many businesses in the current environment. The ability to do so depends entirely on how productive staff can be from home, which in turn depends heavily on the human experience of numerous digital collaboration tools. For enterprise IT departments familiar with looking after tens or hundreds of corporate offices, managing the human experience of thousands or tens of thousands of home offices is a new challenge. Many businesses have witnessed a range of productivity, expense, ESG and staff wellbeing benefits relating to home working and now see large scale home working as part of their ongoing business strategy, through choice rather than necessity. An immediate and long term IT solution is, therefore, vital.


Building on years of analysis of Digital Britain from thousands of homes for customers including Ofcom, our Channel Partners are using our analytics to help manage the human experience of digital collaboration tools for the homeworkers of their enterprise clients. This capability is highlighted in the strategy paper published by Verizon and Boston Consulting Group on 17 June 2020. The second paper in the series, entitled "Return to Business as Unusual: Workplace of the Future", cites:

"One example on visibility is a tool that Verizon has started to deploy internally and that is also available for external consumption. Verizon technology partner Actual Experience offers a tool that synthetically measures your global digital ecosystem, then uses advanced 'human experience' algorithms and correlation techniques to rapidly determine whether the cause of lost productivity is home WiFi, the local ISP, corporate infrastructure or a cloud service provider."

With a greater demand on digital collaboration tools such as Zoom, Webex, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, VPN and Citrix, our software can analyse the human experience of thousands of home offices simultaneously, swiftly providing actionable information to recover lost productivity, and providing an ongoing analytics capacity to manage human experience going forward. In this way, businesses can fully harness the sizeable economic and well-being benefits of homeworking leading to fast and effective resolution of any issues, maintaining high levels of human experience and increased employee productivity.


We are working very closely with our Channel Partners to support their customers in this new environment and are seeing increasing levels of engagement as a result.



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