Stop pretending! You know nothing about the human experience!

Author: Dave Page, CEO

Published: 22 March 2019

Find out how we can help you understand the human experience of your digital  services

Everything is running smoothly in your IT department. There are no complaints from the team, all reports show systems are working fine.

Updates to senior management are positive and they’re happy to hear it’s all going well so no complaints from them either. It’s all coming up roses. Or is it?

While systems appear to be performing just fine, employee productivity hasn’t increased. The technical performance of solutions is on track but you’ve got employees complaining about issues daily. Something, somewhere is amiss despite what the green lights say. You’re just not sure where to look to fix it.

There’s one key thing you’re missing. The human experience.

Viewing your digital ecosystem through the human experience lens enables you to understand what it’s really like to use systems day to day, not just how things appear on status reports.

Silence isn’t always golden

It might be easier to live in ignorance but in order to provide the best service and experience for your company you should be investigating the real, human experience of your systems.

Chances are you’ve probably been trying to get to the bottom of this mystery issue for a while but you keep hitting roadblocks. As your business has grown, you’ve outsourced more and more of your IT infrastructure and it’s become difficult to determine where issues stem from.

What on the surface appears to be a functioning digital ecosystem could in fact be riddled with issues affecting the human experience. Trying to determine where problems are can be frustrating if you lack the visibility.

As more and more issues build up along the line systems grind to a halt and so does staff productivity. Pretending everything is fine is not going to hide the time and financial cost this lack of productivity has on your business.

Actual Experience’s patented technology provides a way of quantifying the human experience of your systems across the many businesses, technologies, networks, data centres and applications that are part of your digital ecosystem. By performing millions of calculations per minute it determines the cause of bad human experience, giving you the insight to tackle the problem head on.

Face the facts and get to the root of the issue with Actual Experience by truly understanding what the human experience is.