Customer stories

Despite no warnings from their existing monitoring systems, this logistics company was receiving a steady stream of complaints and trouble tickets from CRM users.  

Tony Bentham, Director of Technology and Change, on how Actual Experience helped solve issues with central bookings technology.

CIO, Adam Gibson, has changed the reputation and culture of the IT Department by using Actual Experience to get ahead of demand from internal customers.

Natalie Simms, 
Chief Technology Officer, explains how Actual was key to the successful implementation and launch of a new, business critical, digital asset management system.

A broadband provider uses Actual Experience to improve customer experience and demonstrate return on investment of its new fibre network.

A Managed Service Provider defended its service and its reputation by using Actual Experience to identify the cause of impairments for an online banking service.

A Managed Servive Provider introduced new quality thresholds and alerts and launched a cost-saving technology using Actual Experience.

Actual provided evidence of improved service and the return on investment of a new WAN and enabled the IT team to demonstrate that value to their leadership.

A global media company was able to benchmark digital quality delivery over the internet and successfully introduce both cost savings and improved quality.

UK investment management company uses Actual to resolve long-running issues with business critical services that were damaging its customer service and brand.