A Northern Gas Company

The Challenge: Resolve ongoing poor staff experiences

A Northern Gas Company were suffering from inconsistent and poorly performing business applications. In turn, these applications were affecting staff morale, productivity and the overall human experience.

As their prime supplier NGC turned to Vodafone to resolve ongoing experience issues and provide an overall performance improvement. In particular, NGC tasked Vodafone with regaining lost productivity. In turn Vodafone engaged with Actual Experience who have experience in identifying productivity gains in similar multi towered environments.

At risk by doing nothing

$4 million

Working hours recovered


Productivity recovered

$3.5 million

How Human Experience Management helped

An initial Human Experience Audit was conducted across the entire digital ecosystem. The Audit report provided a common business language anchored on employee experience and identified a number of actionable, (otherwise undetected) insights, across the whole ecosystem of multiple providers to improve application delivery and staff productivity.

With this information Vodafone were able to provide NGC with useable and actionable instructions to manage their other suppliers and for Vodafone to make data driven recommendations into NGC’s application delivery strategy.