Large US Airline manages staff and end user experience

The Challenge

A large US Airline was experiencing a number of technical issues with its systems affecting the experience of both its staff and customers. However, they had a lack of visibility of the source of the problems and the true impact on their users. Issues included flight delays associated with its operations systems availability, and a lack of visibility into poor application performance from remote airport ticketing counters. The Airline was also migrating from call centre / telephony transactions to web based online ticketing applications, putting 90% of ticket revenue at risk if there were any user problems.

The Results

  • Reduced flight delays associated with Operations System availability

    Reduced flight delays associated with Operations System availability

  • Tick

    Improved availability of Customer Ticketing Systems

  • Visibility

    Improved overall visibility and control of user experience through effective Digital Supply Chain Management

Our Approach

Actual’s analytics software helped the Airline understand the correlation between their employee’s and customer’s experience of their operations and ticketing services and the causes of the issues affecting these services.

Actual Experience’s unique approach of performing millions of calculations per minute to correlate the cause of bad technical behaviour in a digital supply chain and the effect this has on user experience, quickly provided the Airline with the information they needed to act and resolve the issues affecting their user’s experience.

  • 94
    Digital Use

    Airports with ticket counters worldwide

  • 49
    Critical web-based URL's that run the airline

    Critical web-based URL's that run the airline

  • 1
    UX Dashboard

    UX Dashboard

  1. 1

    Our analytics provided greater visibility into flight tracking, crew tracking, scheduled maintenance and gate services application, helping to improve overall flight operations

  2. 2

    The analytics provided confidence to the Airline that the booking website architecture (App Service and flight search databases that calculate and issue online tickets) offered a good user experience

  3. 3

    We provided actionable data enabling the Airline to achieve continuous improvement and optimisation of all systems