Canadian multinational media conglomerate

The Challenge

The company hosted its suite of financial services products, sold worldwide, on its own private cloud. The services supplied connects global financial communities, serving more than 40,000 institutions that rely on speed and accuracy of data.

Industry influence suggested that there would be productivity benefits gained from migrating their cloud hosted services from private to public.

Unsolicited, the decision was made to undergo the transformation of their cloud hosted services to an American Content Delivery and Hosting Network, buying into the promise that digital transformation offers, and expecting to be able to offer better experiences to their customers.

However, following the migration, customers began to complain about delays to their data feeds leaving them unable to accurately report to their own clients, jeopardising funds under management and putting the brands reputation at risk.

The company’s IT department allocated a formidable amount of resource in trying to resolve the afflicted services. But experiences remained poor.

In the search for a solution, key decision makers discovered a UK based tech start up, Actual Experience, with services capable of auditing their current digital infrastructure, pinpointing precisely where to target investment to improve the human experience of their services.

How Human Experience Management helped

A Human Experience Audit assessed the company’s digital ecosystem and provided actionable evidence to key decision makers, objectively identifying that the migration of their hosted services from private to public cloud was the direct cause of productivity loss and negative brand impact. The problem was addressed, by migrating back to their own private cloud, that was shown to offer a better experience and normal service was restored while damage to both their brand and that of their customers was mitigated.

Why is this important?

Had the company discovered AE at a more opportune moment, they would certainly have deployed the company’s Human Experience Protection service prior to their transformation. HXP assesses the future state of a company’s digital infrastructure in the scenario of a digital transformation, de-risking a migration by showing whether the human experiences of services will improve or not and suggesting areas to review prior to migrating.

To ensure the quality of experiences going forward, the company rolled out AE’s Human Experience Improvement service. An ongoing assessment of the digital ecosystem that delivers monthly reports to show exactly where to focus resource to improve the human experience and eradicate lost productivity.