Charles Stanley

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The Challenge

Charles Stanley was experiencing repeated IT service problems with crucial internal systems over several months, leading to:

  • Frustrated employees and lower productivity
  • Data centre, network, application and server teams regularly gathering to investigate what was going on, costing time and money as they struggled to find solutions
  • Existing tools not finding the source of the problem

The nature of its investment business meant these service problems risked being very costly to the organisation.

At risk by doing nothing

$7 million

Working hours protected


Productivity recovered


“Traditional analytics tools would have taken months to locate the issue, which could have been costly for Charles Stanley in terms of lost productivity and reputation. I had everyone saying it was everybody else’s fault, yet nobody was coming up with any answers"

Michael Bennett, Chief Operating Officer

How Human Experience Management helped

Using Actual’s Human Experience Assurance service, Charles Stanley were able to analyse the experience of their employees.

Actual Experience reported on the experience of specific digital products chosen by Charles Stanley. In this case it was the web front-end of the application server, database server and internal SharePoint Service.

Our analysis found there were no problems with the web server, database server or network, and identified an oversized application database as the source of the IT service problems. Once fixed, service performance quality improved markedly.

Why is this important?

Actual Human Experience Management Service helped Charles Stanley understand the correlation between their employee’s experience of the internal services and the cause of the issue amongst the many technologies, networks, data centres and applications involved in the delivery of the services.