Engineering Firm realises the importance of user experience for global collaboration

The Challenge

A high-tech Global Engineering Firm, that relies on cloud services to enable close collaboration across its global business, turned to one of our Channel Partners for help. Skype for Business is a critical application for the Global Engineering Firm, but they had experienced poor service quality across multiple sites, especially within China.

As a result, the Global Engineering Firm set up a Skype for Business task force and employed existing Skype tooling to try and resolve the issue, but only confirmed anecdotal evidence of poor performance rather than actionable information.

Subsequently, they engaged with our Channel Partner to help them provide actionable data to improve the quality of the service for their users.

The Results

  • analyse

    Tool provided actionable data that had a direct impact on the business

  • analytics

    Enabled rapid identification and resolution of issues affecting their users

  • Tick

    Tool seen by executives as a valuable business tool, not just a troubleshooting tool

  • Visibility

    The service is now being rolled out as an ongoing business critical tool across multiple locations and services

The Global Engineering Firm were so impressed with what they saw, they invited the Channel Partner and Actual Experience team to present the findings to Senior Executives. The service is now being rolled out as an ongoing business critical tool; and they are looking to expand the scope of the tool to cover more locations and services.

“Without our analytics, the problems staff are encountering with the applications they use on a daily basis would have gone unresolved. Actual enabled this global firm to quickly and simply locate the cause of the poor quality and introduce the required fixes.”

Brenda Belleville, Global Business Director, Actual Experience

Our Approach

Our Partner chose to deploy Actual Experience’s user experience analytics software to proactively monitor and improve the end user experience of the Global Engineering Firm’s digital services. We worked closely with our Channel Partner and the Global Engineering firm on a three-month project to provide increased visibility of the user experience of their critical applications and identify the sources of any issues. The team quickly produced a profile of the service for each location to demonstrate to the Global Engineering Firm that the tool provided valuable data prior to full deployment.

  • 26
    Digital User

    Digital Users deployed

  • 14

    Applications measured

  • 14

    Sites targeted

  • 225

    UX Analytics

  1. 1

    Our Analytics identified multiple issues across the target locations within 3 weeks of deployment

  2. 2

    Two main issues were highlighted, affecting sites in China. Microsoft and their Chinese ISP were identified as the responsible suppliers

  3. 3

    Service quality rapidly improved once fixes initiated

  4. 4

    The customer is now focused on continued improvement to further enhance their user experience