International Organisation for Cultural Relations

The Challenge

The client’s internally deployed security solution was due an upgrade but the proposed migration to the new solution raised questions around the impact it would have on productivity. The client therefore required assurance the project was fit for purpose before migrating to the new solution.

At risk by doing nothing

$31 million

Working hours protected


Productivity recovered

$20 million

How Human Experience Management helped

With the help of Actual’s Human Experience Protection (HXP) service, The client was able to quantify the HX of the new security solution prior to deployment. They could also quickly understand that for all sites staff productivity could be maintained at each stage of the migration.

The HXP report went on to provide actionable insight as to which global domains would be the best to direct traffic towards to achieve the best human experience. Information that neither the new solution or the client’s Internet Service Provider could offer.

Why is this important?

Without the actionable evidence provided by Actual’s HXP report, British Council would have had no benchmark of success regarding their digital transformation. Furthermore, the evidence regarding the direction of the security solution's traffic helped the customer to remove the guesswork involved in launching new services.