"Actual tells us two things: where to invest in infrastructure and what are the causes of poor user experience"

Tony Bentham, Director of Business Change & Technology, Mitchells & Butlers

Mitchells & Butlers runs over 1650 pubs, restaurants, and hotels. It is the largest managed pub and restaurant chain in the UK. It has sales of approximately £2bn a year and employs over 40,000 people.

The Challenge

Due to the digital nature of its business ensuring high quality user experience is critical to the success of Mitchells & Butlers. Critical systems include:

  • Integrated Point of Sale technology in all its restaurants which incorporates ordering, table management, tills and payments, and take-away services through its websites.
  • Centralised systems for managing people, stock and waste and building management.
  • Central Reservations System is used by corporate clients as well as by the staff at the hotels.

The Results

  • Tick

    As a direct result of Actual’s involvement, Mitchells & Butlers has been able to resolve a recurring but intermittent issue with the Central Reservations System.

    The analysis pointed to a router that was reaching capacity and affecting user experience. The team took this data to the company’s data center provider and were able to get the router upgraded.

  • Green Pound

    Mitchells & Butlers has been able to make informed investment decisions and supports the business case for new digital services.

Our Approach

  1. 1

    The first application of Actual Experience was deployed to baseline the user experience of the central technology services.

  2. 2

    Our analytics software helped Mitchells & Butlers understand the correlation between the experience of their digital services and the cause of any issues amongst the many businesses, technologies, networks, data centres and applications involved in the delivery of these services.

  3. 3

    Actual Experience’s unique approach of performing millions of calculations per minute to correlate the cause of bad behaviour in a digital journey and the effect this has on user experience, quickly provided Mitchells & Butlers with the information they needed to fix any issues affecting the user experience of their core systems..