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The Challenge

The immediate challenge for Adam Gibson, CIO at Odgers Berndtson is meeting the growing expectations of his team when it comes to digital services as they heavily rely on multiple digital services to meet their clients’ needs. His team had an expectation that digital services should be agile, reliable and assist them in achieving targets. Adam was challenged to deliver against this growing expectation despite managing an increasingly complex network of external suppliers and services across the OB digital ecosystem.

At risk by doing nothing

$15 million

Working hours protected


Productivity recovered

$8.2 million

“You can’t pay for the experience of picking up the phone to a local office and saying: “You’ve got a degradation of service.” It puts us on the front foot and has changed the way we relate to the rest of the company.”

Adam Gibson, CIO at Odgers Berndtson

How Human Experience Management helped

Through continuous Human Experience Improvement reports, Adam was able to baseline the experience of the company’s core services as they are delivered to each office. Data collected from each service was analysed in our Analytics Cloud, enabling Adam and his operations teams to proactively manage the consistency of their digital services

Why is this important

The transparency of global supply chains generated by Actual’s HXI service enabled OB to see which supplier, network element or applications impacted human experience and therefore where to focus its attentions. This created a tangible link between strategic digital investment and clear business outcomes.

Adam was also able to test any new service to ensure it was fit for purpose for all OB offices and employees around the globe. Every service is now expected to meet a minimum HX standards. This is key to OB maintaining its reputation for a high quality customer experience.