The Solutions

Actual Experience is the market leader in User Experience Managment for the digital workplace.

We address the challenges businesses face and provide Digital Analytics to enable you to maintain productivity and to proactively address issues within your Digital Supply Chain.

#1 Digital Supply Chain

The Digital Supply Chain is fundamental to tackling the problem of fragmentation. It addresses user mobility and changing applications and services. A Digital User makes a limited number of top-down measurements targeting specific digital services, including 3rd party infrastructure and applications. These measurements are sent to the Actual Experience Analytics Cloud for analysis and results can be viewed on a dashboard.

#2 Top Down Data

Rather than having to rely on big data analytics Actual Experience uses a formal model. This requires less human intervention and is inherently more scalable. Our Analytics-as-a-Service enables us to calculate an application-specific measure of the users’ experience. We now have a quantified measurement that we can use to manage productivity and your company’s success.

#3 Bridging the Delivery Chasm

Our Analytics-as-a-Service provides the business with a hard number that reflects productivity and your company’s success. The business can now make informed decisions. Advanced analysis indicates the best possible experience, will help get it right first time, and proactively identifies impairments as part of a continuous improvement initiative.

#4 Business Driven Change

Our Analytics-as-a-Service can help manage business-driven change. Our measurements of end user experience provide the bases for a common language between the business and IT. We can help resolve problems when there is misalignment between the business and IT. This is probably the most important thing that Actual Experience can do to manage productivity and your company’s success.