Building agility at scale

How can human experience improve
decision-making and accelerate
digital transformation?

The world has changed and it continues to do so at a scale and pace previously unheard of. More than ever before businesses need to transform, both digitally and organisationally. But how do you implement large scale change programmes in a world that has become both more complex and more risk averse, and with increasingly tight budgets?

Businesses need to be able to access information in real time. Waiting for the usual quarterly financials or sales figures or customer satisfaction data isn’t good enough any more.

If business leaders are to steer the ship through these troubled waters, they need to be able to set appropriate targets, get timely feedback - days and weeks, not months - measure attainment and gain insight into the cause of any shortfalls in order to adjust course and ensure success.

And that means finding a reliable measurement of success that can be applied at both a digital and a business level.

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