Critical business insights that surveys just can’t show you

The transition to hybrid or new ways of working and an increased reliance on digital tools and applications has caused hidden problems. Providing a positive digital experience is key to attracting and retaining the best talent and sustainable business growth.

Our unique analytics help business leaders make the right decisions to ensure that the digital workplace works for everyone, everywhere, all of the time. 

Surveys are commonly used to collect data on how employees are feeling in their day to day work. But they only tell you part of the story.

Our analytics will help you identify critical problems among your workforce right now and help you prioritise which ones to fix first.

An Actual Experience audit will provide you with the data and insight you need to:

  • Uncover productivity-based drains on revenue and time
  • Identify digital inequality within your teams
  • Proactively support employee wellbeing when working from home and improve retention
  • Build continuous management programs to maintain engagement
  • Support board-level ESG and DE&I objectives.

All without sending a single survey. 

Improve your digital workplace

Based on ten years of patented academic research, our Human Experience analysis provides powerful insights into the impact your digital workplace has on both your colleagues and the overall business.

Business Scope Business Value HX Metric Actionable Insight Business Outcome Business Obligation
Individual Employees Equality and Inclusion Identify colleagues suffering digital inequality and provide the actionable information needed to fix the cause Retention + Attraction DEI + Legal
Engagement and Wellbeing Identify areas of improvement for engagement generally, and speifically colleagues that could be suffering wellbeing issues, and provide the actionable information needed to remove the causes of ongoing problems Retention + Attraction ESG + Legal
Business Operations Business Efficiency ImageImage Identify areas to optimise efficiency and provide the actionable information needed to fix the causes of wasted time Improved efficiency or growth & Deliver ROI for improvement Financial
Green Growth Image Identify areas to improve the experience across the business and provide the actionable information needed to improve the digital workplace sufficiently so that business travel is no longer a necessity Reduce carbon footprint ESG

Our science works

Our algorithm was used by OFCOM in their Investigation of Internet Quality of Experience study. OFCOM concluded that our Human Experience analytics is a reliable predictor of real human experience with almost 100% accuracy.

Actual Experience can now present a robust, repeatable, scalable methodology to understand consumer perceptions of Internet services
Investigation of Internet Quality of Experience, Ofcom 2015

Future-proof your new way of working

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