Digital Business Analytics For New Ways of Working

Analyse the Human Experience

With our always-on analytics, we help business leaders make data-informed decisions on their hybrid working strategy. We do this by measuring the Human Experience (HX) of the digital workplace for all colleagues.

The unique and highly actionable dataset is used to improve the digital workplace, drive greener growth, manage employee experience, wellbeing and improve inclusion and equality in the new ways of working.

Our new insights into the impact of your digital workplace:

  • Are a quantified and actionable dataset
  • Require zero employee interaction
  • Is a dataset to prioritise investment
  • Drives diversity and inclusion
  • Assists employee wellbeing
  • Supports board-level ESG and DE&I objectives 

Improve your digital workplace

Based on ten years of patented academic research, our Human Experience analysis provides powerful insights into the impact your digital workplace has on both your colleagues and the overall business.

Business Scope Business Value HX Metric Actionable Insight Business Outcome Business Obligation
Individual Employees Equality and Inclusion Identify colleagues suffering digital inequality and provide the actionable information needed to fix the cause Retention + Attraction DEI + Legal
Engagement and Wellbeing Identify areas of improvement for engagement generally, and specifically colleagues that could be suffering wellbeing issues, and provide the actionable information needed to remove the causes of ongoing problems Retention + Attraction ESG + Legal
Business Operations Business Efficiency ImageImage Identify areas to optimise efficiency and provide the actionable information needed to fix the causes of wasted time Improved efficiency or growth & Deliver ROI for improvement Financial
Green Growth Image Identify areas to improve the experience across the business and provide the actionable information needed to improve the digital workplace sufficiently so that business travel is no longer a necessity Reduce carbon footprint ESG

The dataset is used to improve the Digital Workplace thus creating a level playing field for all colleagues, improving business efficiency, helping to drive growth and enabling the reduction of business travel and hence carbon emissions.

Actionable insight in a month

Our Human Experience analytics works by producing a new source of data and insight gained by analysing your digital assets (device, WiFi, applications). We perform millions of calculations using our patented technology to report the impact of your digital workplace on your colleagues and your business. The initial business impact assessment is prepared and ready to act on after one month of analysis.

Why now?

The rise of Employee Experience

Many companies are creating dedicated employee experience roles - and the human experience of IT will form an important part of this.

Converging agendas in the C-suite

The digital workplace cuts across the CEO, CIO and CHRO agendas.

Environmental, Social & Governance

Sustainability and ESG are now more important than ever. Human experience contributes to E, S and G.

The diversity and inclusion agenda

Anything that has the potential to broaden inequality will face significant scrutiny.

New models of empathetic leadership

Empathetic leadership that emerged during the global crisis will endure and it now must be embedded and expressed through the digital workplace.

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