Free EBook: How to bridge the hybrid working gap

For many people leaders today, the challenge with hybrid working is not making it work. You've managed to do that since the first lockdown. Instead, your challenge today is making hybrid work properly for everyone, everywhere, all of the time.

Our latest research reveals that there are critical gaps in the approach to designing tomorrow’s workplace. This guide will take you through those critical gaps, helping you understand how to identify and close them, so that you can ensure a productive and engagement workforce wherever they work.

The gaps identified in this guide include:

  • The focus gap - many HR leaders are focusing on the wrong thing when it comes to decision-making on hybrid
  • The data gap - With little data to inform your approach we show how a new way of working requires a new data set
  • The experience gap - avoid excluding employees from your hybrid policies
  • The responsibility gap - Hybrid is a huge undertaking and a new one; as a result it is not always clear who is taking ownership of some of its aspects.

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