Manage remote working human experience


The unprecedented growth of remote workers is placing extraordinary pressure on IT teams to diagnose hundreds and thousands of home environments. The challenge to sift through mountains of data is all but impossible without automation.

With so many remote workers now dependent on their home IT infrastructure, how do you help maintain productivity, collaboration and operational confidence for your business?

Video (7 mins): A walk-through behind the complexity of optimizing hundreds of individual digital supply chains

For more information on how our analytics cloud can help, download our information sheet on managing the remote worker human experience.

Human Experience Management For The Remote Worker

Our Human Experience Audit analyses the home internet, data centre and application environment of each remote working colleague, and pinpoints the causes of poor experience. It provides actionable evidence instead of endless system performance data.

Remove The Guesswork

The Human Experience Audit removes the guesswork by identifying the varying causes of poor experience. Enabling you to gain actionable insight on:

  • The experience of business applications
  • WiFi performance
  • Consumer grade ISP performance
  • DNS performance
  • Security performance
  • CDN design and architecture
  • VPN capacity
  • Digital server capacity