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Why CIOs need more than averages to create successful business partnerships

Every business consumes, produces, stores and uses data. This data offers huge potential across all aspects of your business. But it needs to be sifted and sorted, analysed and understood. Too much raw data and you're overwhelmed. But the alternative - reports compiled of averages that don’t paint the whole picture - means you can miss key strategic insights.

This is particularly true when it comes to assessing the human experience of home workers. With a distributed workforce how do you:

  • Avoid the time, effort and cost of manually looking through system performance data to resolve issues for one home worker?
  • Scale your reporting for 100s or 1000s of home workers, to quickly identify and resolve issues across a complex system?

Our Reporting vs Insight whitepaper argues why technical data isn’t enough to provide strategic insight. How, in order to avoid vast data lakes, we naturally turned to averages to help understand systems performance, but why those averages just don’t give an accurate understanding of the impact digital transformation is having on employees.

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