Webinar: People Analytics for the Future of Work

For organisations to succeed in the new hybrid working era, employee wellbeing and retention, the changing employee experience and alarming digital divide will need to be addressed. To lead the charge, HR leaders will need the right tools, data and budget in place.

Watch the webinar on-demand to hear David Green, Director of Insight222; Anna Lundström, VP HR, Americas of Spotify; and David Page, CEO of Actual Experience as they explore:

- The findings of Actual Experience’s recent research on hybrid working, employee experience and the data deficit

- How HR can support sustainable business growth, promote a level playing field for employees, and make work better for all

- How HR executives can position themselves as business critical and get buy-in for new hybrid working initiatives.


Hosted by HR Zone.

Guest speakers:

Anna Lundström - Vice President HR Americas & Content BU at Spotify

David Green - Executive Director at Insight 222

Dave Page - CEO at Actual Experience.

Watch the recording