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 Digital Supply Chain
Digital User

We deploy our Digital User software amongst the real users either on their laptops, PCs, or as a standalone. The Digital User targets the same technologies, networks, data centres and applications as the real users along the digital supply chain, taking a series of measurements that it sends back to our Analytics Cloud.


It’s here in our Analytics Cloud where we perform millions of calculations per minute to correlate the impact that any bad technical behaviour in these technologies, networks, data centres and applications is having on the user experience. We present this impact in the form of our Digital Quality Score.

Digital Quality Score

Based on 10 years scientific research, our Digital Quality Score will help you understand how your users are feeling about your digital services. The score is based on a scale between 0 and 100 and provides you with evidence of what the user experience of your digital services is like and why it is like this.


Quality Score

With the evidence from our analytics you no longer have to guess where to focus your attention

Not only can we help you react quickly to identify and fix user problems as they happen, we can also enable you to proactively deliver ongoing improvements to your digital services.