Representing human experience is the fundamentally unique capability of our analytics-as-a-service

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Our Score

Our ability to analyse complex data-points from digital ecosystems and translate these into a Human Experience Score is where our patents lie.

Our score represents a proxy of how a person would describe their interaction of a digital service or application, if you were to actually ask them.

A low score indicates a disrupted experience, one of friction that a person would struggle to describe but knows it is there.

A high score indicates a consistent, friction-less interaction with a digital service.

Tested in the real world

Our Human Experience Score is a real world validated, consistent and reliable metric of a digital business.

Tested in the real world, our human experience score shows:

  • A clear correlation between our score and responses from surveyed consumer opinion, with confidence levels of 98%
  • A clear correlation not just at the level of overall Human Experience, but also for specific applications and differing perceptions at different times of day
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Established relationship with wasted time

The human experience of a digital business has a direct impact on its brand reputation and productivity.

We have been able to establish a relationship between our HX score and the amount of time wasted by a person waiting for the digital world to respond.

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