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IT leaders around the world are working hard to keep colleagues ready for prolonged periods of home working. This unprecedented growth of remote workers is placing extraordinary pressure on IT teams because diagnosing hundreds and thousands of home environments is all but impossible without analytics and automation.

With so many of your colleagues now dependent on their home IT infrastructure, how do you help maintain productivity, collaboration and operational confidence for your colleagues?

Human Experience Management For The Remote Worker

Our Human Experience Audit analyses the home internet, data centre and application environment of each remote working colleague, and pinpoints the causes of poor experience. It provides actionable evidence instead of endless system performance data.

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Mitigate the need to sift through mountains of data. Our analytics cloud automates the process of finding the cause of poor experience that result in wasted staff time

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Combine home internet, data centre and application performance together, for the correct understanding of your colleagues home working experience

Action List


Prioritse your actions with a list of where and how to optimise home worker productivity and experiences

Remove The Guesswork

The Human Experience Audit removes the guesswork by identifying the varying causes of poor experience. Enabling you to gain actionable insight on:


  • The experience of business applications
  • WiFi performance
  • Consumer grade ISP performance
  • DNS performance
  • Security performance
  • CDN design and architecture
  • VPN capacity
  • Digital server capacity

Remote Working
Case Study

See preliminary results of our human experience audit. Used to assess the home IT infrastructure of employees at a UK national organisation responsible for food standards.

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