"Actual Experience's report was useful in helping me understand the individuals and parts of the business we need to continue to support to improve their digital experience.
This is of increased importance to us because of Covid and also supports our continued focus and commitment to wellbeing in this hybrid working environment."

Ray Berg, Managing Partner – Osborne Clarke


Assess the business impact

Right now, business leaders have little to no data on the impact new working practices (hybrid/remote) are having on the employee experience.

What is needed today is a deep understanding of the business impact digital service delivery is having on the employee experience and top-level business metrics.

Core metrics for every business leader

The Actual Experience Business Impact Assessment provides insight that no-one else can. Each month our business analytics generates a report which quantifies the impact digital service delivery has on top-level metrics relevant to business leaders.

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(Executive summary)

For a full report download a sample Business Impact Assessment below




What makes our analytics and insight different?

The metrics we report are grounded in human experience and not systems performance. Meaning all actions you recommend directly link back to business value.

The Business Impact Assessment provides;

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Mitigate the need to sift through mountains of data. Our analytics cloud automates the process of finding the cause of poor experience

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Combine home internet, data centre and application performance together, for the correct understanding of your colleagues home working experience

Action List


Prioritse your actions with a list of where and how to optimise home worker productivity and experiences

Remove The Guesswork

The BIA removes the guesswork by identifying the varying causes of poor experience. Enabling you to gain actionable insight:


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  • The experience of business applications
  • WiFi performance
  • Consumer grade ISP performance
  • DNS performance
  • Security performance
  • CDN design and architecture
  • VPN capacity
  • Digital server capacity

Remote Working
Case Study

See preliminary results of our human experience audit. Used to assess the home IT infrastructure of employees at a UK national organisation responsible for food standards.

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