The Company

We're here to make the digital world work properly

Actual Experience is a Human Experience Management company.

We work with business leaders and people-centric organisations to continuously analyse the Human Experience of the Digital Workplace. Our Digital Business Analytics quantifies the impact the digital workplace has on employees and the overall business and provides actionable information to pinpoint areas of improvement for the benefit of both employees and the company.

Developed from 10 years of academic research and using patented technology, our analytics analyse the human experience of digital services. Our service provides organisations with actionable information whereby changes to their systems can be made to optimise and improve digital experience for customers and employees. For any organisation, this means that their most valuable assets - their employees - are liberated from digital slow time, their online brand reputation can be protected and they can make informed investment decisions.

Our Team

Actual Experience is led by an experienced executive team and the technology is built on ten years of research at Queen Mary, University of London to develop our unique Digital Workplace Management Platform.

Iain McCready
Chief Executive Officer
Steve Bennetts
Chief Financial Officer
Scarlet Jeffers
Chief Product Officer
Roy Jugessur
Chief Revenue Officer
Martin Woods
Chief Technology Officer
Jamie Dunkley
Chief Operations Officer
Dave Page
Co-founder & Chief Strategy Officer
Prof. Jonathan Pitts
Co-founder & Chief Science Officer