User Experience
at the heart of
Digital Business

User Experience
at the heart of
Digital Business




Actual Experience enables Vodafone and their Enterprise clients to proactively manage the user experience for an entire digital business. We help our customers transform inconsistent digital services, common to our personal experience of most business and consumer applications today, into consistent, reliable, productive, high quality digital services.

"Traditional analytics tools would have taken months to locate the issue, which could have been costly for Charles Stanley in terms of lost productivity and reputation"
COO Charles Stanley


By proactively analysing a digital business from a user's perspective, we provide actionable evidence to our customers, helping them make the right investment decisions to actively manage their user’s experience, resulting in improved digital services, staff productivity, online brand reputation and ultimately success for their business.

Actual Experience - with Dave Page CEO

How we help businesses 


 Digital Assurance

 Deliver Digital Assurance based on User Experience not technical performance. Our Analytics identify the issues in an organisation's Digital Supply Chains that are impacting on their users - which traditional tools simply can't provide.

  Digital Transformation

Businesses utilize our User Experience Analytics to know whether their Digital Transformations will be successful. Whether they are moving to the cloud or implementing SD-WAN as an example, we give visibility of the user experience of a business's critical services before, during and after the migration. 

 Insight & Management of Suppliers

Businesses gain visibility and insight into the entire Digital Supply Chain of their digital services. They use this information to manage 3rd party suppliers and enhance the User Experience of their business critical applications


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Case Studies




Vodafone stays ahead of issues affecting user experience

Vodafone’s enterprise team won the managed WAN contract for a large UK Utility. Over time the Utility complained about service quality, and the impact this was having on user experience. However, there was disagreement as to the cause of the poor user experience. Read the full Case Study



  "Actual tells us two things: where to invest in infrastructure and what are the causes of poor user experience"

Tony Bentham, Director of Business Change & Technology, Mitchells & Butlers


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Our Approach
Our approach is to perform millions of calculations per minute, using patented technology, to correlate the cause of bad technical behaviour amongst the many businesses, technologies, networks, data centres and applications involved in the delivery of a digital service and the effect this has on user experience.
Digital Quality Score
Based on 10 years scientific research, our Digital Quality Score helps businesses understand how their users are feeling about their digital services. The score is based on a scale between 0 and 100 and provides the evidence of what the user experience of a digital service is like and why it is like this.
Actual Experience_ Human Experience Score_2019


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